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Shamanism Workshops at Dunderry

The stone carved triskle design at newgrange The Shaman's Journey
On this introductory course we will be using traditional shamanic techniques such as, Drumming and rattling, Trance dancing, Ritual and ceremony.
Shaman's Journey,

Shamanic Practitioners Course
On this course we will be using traditional shamanic techniques from around the world to explore the exciting and ecstatic realms beyond ordinary reality. The course consists of five weekend residential workshops over the period of one year in a Dunderry house, a beautiful rural setting in County Meath

Certificate course in advanced shamanic practice
This week long course is open to those who have completed the Shamanic Practitioners Course and who make a commitment to continue to work on themselves as the “wounded healer”. Advanced Shamanic Practice, read more...

Shamanic Reunion Gathering
This weekend workshop is open to those who have completed a shamanic practitioners course or who has a good working knowledge of Shamanism. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet with old friends and make new ones at this unique event. Shamanic Reunion Gathering, read more....

Holotropic Breathwork™
Holotropic Breathwork™ was created by Dr. Stanislaf Grof as a means to journey deep into the non ordinary realms of consciousness. Shamans have used the breath in many cultures to access healing states in non ordinary reality. Holotropic Breathwork™ workshop, read more

Shamanic Breathwork - Training Module
This training module is for those who would like to include Breathwork as part of their healing practice and ongoing personal development and inner work. The focus of this 4 day course will be on the different uses of conscious breathing techniques for journeying and consciousness expansion.

Winter Solstice Shamanic Workshop
This one day workshop held at the Winter Solstice is open to those who wish to explore the Shamanic realms at a deeper level. It is also an opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones.Read More... Winter Solstice Gathering

Shamanic Counselling Training
This six day intensive training in shamanic counselling is for those who have previous shamanic training.

Shamanic Counselling and Healing
Individual Shamanic Counselling sessions are available with Martin Duffy Read More...

Earth, Sea and Sky Woman Gathering together to dance in our ancient goddess wisdom in ritual and ceremonies. Read More...

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Martin Duffy is the practitioner for these courses

Workshops are held in Dunderry House, Co. Meath. How to get to Dunderry House, the venue, what to bring and how to get there.

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Dunderry Park, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland. Tel: +353(0)46 9074455.
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